About The Eye Group


Our brand promise

: To always deliver outstanding care and quality service to our patients and customers.

Our Values

At The Eye Group we believe in using the latest technologies to aid us in doing everything comprehensively—right down to your basic eye exam.

At The Eye Group, our values are what set us apart

Commitment – We understand that every patient has unique vision care needs and we are committed to providing the best eyecare possible.

Style – We carry the hottest designer eyewear to fit you and your lifestyle.

Communication – We believe that open communication with our patients is critical in providing the best patient care possible.

Passion – We have a tremendous passion for helping patients take care of their most precious gift, eyesight.

Photograph of optometrist and patient



The Eye Group has served the vision care industry for over two decades. We offer unparalleled access to information and contacts throughout the profession. Urban or rural, private or academic, prospective partner or valued employee, The Eye Group has the ability to meet your needs.

Integrity and Trust

The Eye Group recognizes that trust is an important component of the search and selection process. We promise strict confidentiality to safeguard your interests. The Eye Group is pleased to supply references from your colleagues and peers upon request.


The skills and experience of The Eye Group ensure the most prudent use of your practice’s economic resources. Understanding the realities of today’s medical environment and the expectations of prospective practice associates, we strive to strike this necessary balance essential to future success.

Guaranteed Success

A practice engaging The Eye Group is guaranteed a successful recruitment. We embrace the necessary persistence and endurance to complete the process. By realistically identifying needs and objectives, The Eye Group enhances the candidate’s opportunity for success.


The Eye Group brings unsurpassed resources to fill a practice’s or candidate’s requirements. Nationwide in scope, we have successfully recruited to urban and rural locations, private practices, and academic and corporate settings, both large and small.


The vision-care profession is The Eye Group’s only field of service. By channeling all of our resources and expertise into the practice of Ophthalmology and Optometry, The Eye Group is distinctively qualified to meet the requirements of the profession. We have chosen to limit our clientele to vision care specialists only. Our success depends on your success.