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Selecting Your Glasses – From Functional to Fashion-Forward

Picking eyeglasses can be a difficult process of trial and error, especially if you haven’t done it many times before. The problem is that, unlike shopping for clothing where you may have a good idea of what fits you and what your favorite colors and patterns are, people can sometimes be vague on what they want for glasses (or have no idea at all). Few people know the most important factors for getting the right glasses for you: the shape of your face and which glasses will accent that shape, color and design options available to fit your preference, and features that will work best with your lifestyle.
That’s why we’re here to help!

We offer a huge selection of frames – traditional to trendy – for your choosing. Our experienced opticians and eyewear consultants will help you select the frame shape, size and color for your best look. With years and years of combined optical experience, we just love helping our patients select the perfect eyewear and sunwear to suit your taste and personality!

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