Lens Options

Our Lens Options

The Eye Group uses the latest technology in the field of eye care, including a number of different frames and lens options.

lens options varilux
We use Varilux progressive lenses, the world leader in no-line technology.

lens options nupolar
Polarizing lenses block reflected sunlight which can cause disabling glare when outdoors. These lenses are your best choice for daytime driving and they are very beneficial for fishing, boating and other outdoor activities.

Crizal Anti-reflective treatments eliminate lens reflections to make your lenses appear invisible and improve your night vision by removing halos and starbursts from around lights. Also a "must have" for computer users.

Transitions lenses adjust to sunlight and automatically darken or lighten so that your eyes feel comfortable in all environments.

High index plastics will make your lenses thinner and lighter than regular plastic materials.