Our Eyeglasses Selection

In our offices, countless brands of frames are represented: from classic to sporty to trendy.Trust your look to the professionals who know how to highlight your personality with the right choice of eyeglasses.

…and many more.

Just as "one-size-fits-all" doesn’t always fit, neither does one pair of eyeglasses for all situations. That’s where specialty eyewear comes into the picture. Falling into this category are computer glasses, driving glasses, protective eyewear and more.

The most important reasons for purchasing specialty types of eyewear include:

  • For a specific activity such as computer use, work, hobbies, sports or driving.
  • The need to see better in general.
  • Safety features that create an increased enjoyment of sports as well as protection from dust and glare.
  • The wearer likes to be different and purchases them for cosmetic reasons.