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Having dry eyes is much more than a nuisance. Dry eye disease is chronic, progressive, and inflammatory. Millions of Americans have found their day-to-day lives affected by the condition – and without proper treatment, it will get worse. 

The Eye Group is proud to be the home of Advanced Dry Eye Center – Knoxville’s premier dry eye disease treatment facility. The goal of The Advanced Dry Eye Center (ADEC) is to help patients reach their best possible outcome through a variety of dry eye treatments.

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The symptoms and severity of Dry Eye can vary, and it affects each individual a little bit differently. We welcome all patients, from those who have tried other treatments but are still uncomfortable, to those who are just beginning to have symptoms. Our dry eye experts are dedicated to helping you find lasting relief from your symptoms by first addressing the root cause of your dry eye. Once the cause has been identified, we can provide proper treatment through advanced diagnostics and technologies, such as TearCare, Lumenis IPL, and Blepharoexfoliation. During your dry eye evaluation, we will determine the treatment course that is right for you.

Typically, there are multiple causes to each case of dry eye, and so a multi-faceted approach is often called for. We identify and address those causes based on our findings and the latest research. Of the many diagnoses that can contribute to dry eye symptoms, a common one is meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD. One study showed that 86% of all dry eye patients have MGD. At ADEC, we will determine if you have MGD as a contributing factor and what to do about it. No matter the cause or form of dry eye you have, Advanced Dry Eye Center is here to help.

You don’t have to settle! Request an appointment or call 865-966-2020 to schedule your dry eye evaluation at Advanced Dry Eye Center. 

Dry Eye Resources
Dry Eye Treatments
Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy

IPL is a highly effective treatment that no other clinic in East Tennessee has. IPL treatments are gentle, quick, and effective for those suffering with chronic dry eye symptoms.

TearCare Thermal Expression

TearCare thermal expression unclogs the meibomian glands so that eye comfort increases and the need for eye drops is reduced.

Reviews for The Advanced Dry Eye Center

My eyes feel a lot better! I can see clearer than before. And my right eye doesn’t get red as much like it did.

– James C.

After 6 weeks of oral supplements and eyelid hygiene prescribed by Dr. Lain.

After three IPL treatments, my eyes have no irritation at all anymore! My tears are so much better. They don’t stick together and are not irritated all the time like they were.

– Margaret Jean R.

After IPL treatment at ADEC.

It’s amazing…weeks ago my eyes were so uncomfortable, I was using eyedrops more than 15 times a day. Now, I only feel the need to put them in two times a day in the evenings and at bedtime.

– Jo Anna C.

3 weeks after Blepharoexfoliation, TearCare, and IPL treatment at ADEC.

My eyes feel better. They are not gritty and they feel more moist. When I wake up in the morning, they feel more comfortable. My vision does not get blurry as often as it used to and my eye fatigue is not as bad as it was.

– Chandra H.

After 6 weeks of home therapy. Speed score dropped from 20 to 10. 

I’m feeling much better, my eyes don’t feel scratchy like they did. And my contact lenses feel more comfortable, I don’t realize I’m wearing them. They used to make my eyes feel really dry. Now my contacts don’t feel like they are suction cupped to my eyes when I take them off.

– Lee C.

After six weeks of home therapy, this patient’s dry symptom score went from a 9, which is severe, to a 0.

My eyes feel better and I have more tears in the morning. My right eye has no symptoms at all now and my left eye is better.

– Dennis K.

After a Lid & Lash Cleaning, TearCare, and 3 IPL treatments.