Contact Lens Policy

Advancements in contact lens technology offer the potential of successful contact lens wear to most of our patients. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) considers contact lenses to be medical devices; consequently, they are regulated by prescription laws similar to that of prescription medications. Accordingly, Professional Standards of Care recommend that all patients who wear contact lenses should have a comprehensive eye examination and a contact lens evaluation at least once yearly.

Contact lens services are separate and distinct from a general, comprehensive examination which yields a spectacle prescription. The contact lens evaluation must be performed in addition to your exam, regardless of whether or not you have a change in your contact lens prescription. You are entitled to a copy of your contact lens prescription but we will not write a prescription or dispense contacts without a yearly comprehensive examination, contact lens evaluation and follow-up care. Your contact lens prescription will expire one (1) year after the issue date.

Contact Lens Evaluation Levels of Service (Fees vary with the level of complexity and are in addition to the charge for contact lenses.)

Level I                       Contact Lens Management ($60.00 - $100.00)

This is the most basic level of our professional services and applies only to patients who have been previously fit with contact lenses by The Eye Group. The current contact lens fit will be evaluated to insure that your eyes and contacts are compatible. Changes to the fit and power will be provided as necessary to promote continued eye health and best vision. This service “renews” your contact lens prescription and includes all related follow-up visits for a ninety (90) day period from the date of your exam.

Level II                      Contact Lens Fitting/Management ($80.00 - $100.00)

This level of service is the initial level provided to contact lens wearers new to our practice or

current patients who are first-time wearers. This service will include evaluation of your eye’s particular physiological requirements and complete analysis of your contact lens prescription.

(As warranted, will also include assessment of previous contact lens history, lens type and wearing schedule.)   A diagnostic evaluation and trial of various contact lens modalities, rendering a final contact lens prescription are provided. This service includes all related follow-up visits for a ninety (90) day period from the date of your exam.

Level III                    Complex Contact Lens Fitting/Management ($100.00-$200.00)

This level of service includes all services provided in Level II along with assessment needed for fitting more specialized lenses. (e.g. Multifocal, Astigmatic, Keratoconic) This service includes all related follow-up visits for a ninety (90) day period from the date of your exam.

*Please note: On occasion a patient may present with an unusual refractive error or ocular problem that can create a situation for an extremely challenging contact lens fit. We try to identify these patients during the first examination but such complexities are not always obvious initially. Multiple attempts for fit and multiple visits are often necessary. Should this situation occur it may be necessary to charge additional fees. Such costs will be discussed with you before they are incurred.

All new wearers will be provided with personalized instruction in the safe care and usage of your lenses. Upon completion of a successful insertion and removal session, you may begin wearing your contact lenses and we will schedule your first follow-up appointment.

Vision Benefits

If you have vision insurance, your exam co-pay is for the comprehensive examination only - NOT the contact lens evaluation. Unless your vision care provider provides some reimbursement toward your contact lens evaluation and/or lenses, you are responsible for the contact lens evaluation fee on the date of service.

Refund Policy

There are very few patients who are unable to wear contact lenses however, if you or the doctor decides to discontinue contact lens wear, a refund for the cost of lenses may be given within a 30 day period, provided the contacts are returned in the original unopened, unmarked box. (Under NO circumstances can lenses be returned for refund or exchange after a 90 day period.)

The contact lens fitting evaluation fee is not refundable.